Beco Pets | Degradable Pet Waste Bags

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Beco Bags make cleaning up after your pet as eco-friendly as possible, thanks to their degradable material, which breaks down completely after you dispose of them. 

In addition to this, the bags are extra large and thick, making them eco-friendly and functional! All of Beco Bags rolls also have a recycled cardboard core.
Bag Length 33cm
Bag Width 22.5cm
Bags Per Roll 15
Materials Recycled Cardboard and Degradeable Plastic


Beco Poop Bags come in rolls of 15 bags in order to fit holders except the 300 pack which comes as one dispenser roll. 

60 Bags = 4 Rolls of 15 Bags

120 Bags = 8 Rolls of 15 Bags

270 Bags = 18 Rolls of 15 Bags