Benebone Dog Chew Treat | Medium Wishbone Chicken

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Benebone dog chews are made in the USA by a small family business.

The difference a Benebone has over over, similar dog chews is that they are made with 100% real food ingredients as opposed to flavouring.

Why are Benebones odd shapes?

Believe it or not, each Benebone shape is ergonomically designed to ensure your dog gets the maximum enjoyment out of it.

After all, your dog doesnt have thumbs so each design has been crafted in a way which ensures it is in almost constant motion, providing your dog with an increased level of interaction and challenge.

Theres a few important points to note about a Benebone and, whilst we hate to be boring, spending a minute reading them will ensure everyone is happy.

This Benebone Chicken Wishbone contains 100% real chicken ingredients, it's made alongside the other Benebones so, if your pet or anyone in your household has an allergy to chicken, peanuts, pork, maplewood, peppermint or nylon then this does have the potential to cause an allergic reaction.

A Benebone is a chew toy, although real food ingredients are used, this is to stimulate your dog's senses and enjoyment, a Benebone is not designed to be eaten.

Always ensure you supervise your dog whilst playing with their Benebone.

Each Benebone contains instructions to be read before giving to your dog, including details on when to discard & replace.

Suitable for dogs under 27kg

Approx 178g

Measurements: 7" x 4.8"