King Cat | Catnip Play Bubbles

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  • Cat-attracting scent

  • Encourages playful behaviour

  • Safe, natural, and non-toxic

Every cat deserves to let their hair down from time to time. Just like you love to go out to the pub or go out dancing with your friends, cats love to play. The scent of catnip sends your cat into his happy place. Studies indicate that the scent of this natural herb targets the pleasure centres in your cat’s brain.

Blow a stream of King Catnip Bubbles in your cat’s direction and watch him bat at imaginary creatures, flip over and over, purr, meow, growl, and rub against everything in sight. He may run, pounce, and act like a kitten again.

Unlike some of the stuff we humans use to get us into our happy place, catnip is 100 per cent non-toxic. It may even help older cats get much-needed exercise as they romp around your home. Give your cat something that he’ll jump for joy with. Get him some King Catnip Bubbles today.