Simple Solution | Puppy Training Pads | 56 Pack

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Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads: Hold 10 times more liquid than standard economy pads

Use advanced Polymer Technology to convert liquid into gel & lock in moisture

Specifically designed neutralisers eliminate tough urine odours

Accelerate training time by encouraging instinctive elimination

Absorbent core draws in wetness to prevent messy tracking

Embossed quilt pattern traps urine & directs moisture down

Five layer construction traps more urine for repeat use or large breed pets

Simple Solution Training Pads can also be used for... Litter Box Mats Dog Crate Liners Muddy Paws Messy Spills Car Seat Covers Travel

Directions: Place the pad on the floor, plastic side down, tissue side up Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing him/her to smell the special pheromone-scented attractant If he/she doesn't relieve themselves immediately, take them back several times until it is successful.

When he/she relieves themselves on the pad, reward them with a treat or enthusiastic praise.

Indoor to Outdoor Transitioning Over time, move the pads closer to the door & eventually, outside. Once outside, fold the pads to reduce the size over time. Eventually they won't need a pad to find their spot. Keep pads around for overnight accidents, extendeded time alone, travel or general use.

Training Tips: Always keep the pad in an area that is available to your pet, but away from his/her bed & food. When accidents happen, remove all traces of the odours to prevent your pet from repeating the marking.